Larry Essary - K5XG

I was first licensed in 1967 as WN5SZC. In 1969 I became WA5WWH and I hold an Amateur Extra class license with callsign K5XG.

Professionally I have been involved in the telecommunications and online industries since 1974 including amateur radio, commercial two-way radio, AM commercial broadcasting, telephone answering service, radio paging, central station alarm monitoring, radio dispatching, and as an Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Larry Essary I have done work for notables such as the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Bell Helicopter, the University of Texas, the EOC in Love County, Okla, the cities of Colleyville and Lucas, Texas, and amateur radio contest stations N5AU & K5RX.

My experience in design, development, construction, installation, field work, classroom instruction, mentoring, and damage assessment includes:

Design and installation of:

Antenna and radio systems from HF to UHF; Antenna test ranges for Wi-Fi antenna testing; Extensive lightning protection and grounding systems; Radio shacks for contest stations to home shacks to mobile shacks; Back-up power systems from single UPS systems as small as 200 watts to systems with multiple UPS units in a cascade with 80 KW generators; RF screen rooms to safe rooms for severe weather situations; Sound proofed shacks to help save marriages; Cavity filter arrays for repeaters and HF isolation; Mobile radio systems that include full legal limit amplifiers, gas generators, and beam steering combiners for adjustable directional gain on 20 meters.

Assemble, Erection, and Installation of:

Self supporting towers such as AN Wireless, Universal, and Rohn SSV; Crank-ups towers such as US tower and Tri-Ex; Guyed towers such as Rohn 25, Rohn 45, and Rohn 55; Every type of commercially available amateur HF yagi and quad antenna design; Home brew antennas and supports; Commercial VHF and UHF dipole array antennas.

Field work including:

Power line nose tracking and poor voltage problem resolution working with power utilities.

Development of:

New mobile bonding techniques; Mounting innovations for HF to UHF and Wi-Fi mobile equipment.

Classroom presentations on:

FM and Repeaters, Satellite receiver voting systems, Repeater controllers, System control, Antennas, Feed lines, Duplexers, System coverage, Site selection, System testing, System maintenance and problem solving, Operating procedures, IRLP, EchoLink, Lightning protection, Equipment insurance, Club politics, and Internet connectivity.

Mentoring (Elmer) on:

Soldering techniques; feedline selection; RF connector attachment; RF and AC grounding techniques; radio selection; requirements for basic shack equipment; good operating practices; home brew antenna construction; operation of basic test equipment; safety first; and always thinking before you take action.

Damage Assessment Reports:

Detailed reports to give to Insurance companies for lose or damage to Antennas, Towers, and RF equipment due to Lightning, Wind, Rain, Flood, Hurricane, Tornado, Vandalism, or Theft to make you whole again for coverage under your insurance policy.

In Summary…

If its RF, I have designed it, planned for it, built it, read it, wrote it, talked on it, listen to it, touched it, tuned it, tested it, fixed it, installed it, removed it, or cried over it at some time during my 55 year love affair with amateur radio.

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